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Sunday 17th April 2005, 13:55
I relocated my hooters last week and now they have stopped working. There is power there but the earth is no longer switching when you push the button.
And to make things worse, when I was fiddling about on the steering column I've upset the air bag, because the SRS light has come on.
Any ideas?
farmermo :frown:

Sunday 17th April 2005, 16:48
My local Volvo service manager says the earth tag on the steering wheel is a weak point. A few weeks ago, my horn only worked intermittently. I wouldn't investigate myself, cos of the airbag. He took it into the workshop & fixed it in about 15 minutes. (no charge, but I do know him well). If it's only a quick job, might be worth taking it in; probably sort the airbag light too.
Cheers, Chris.

Kent Canary
Sunday 17th April 2005, 22:30
If you need two horns for an 850 I have got a couple for sale.