View Full Version : Consumables for the S60 D5 S

Friday 15th April 2005, 17:38

I'm looking to swap my existing car for one of these and am currently looking at a 1 owner 111, 000 mile 2002 model.

Basically can anyone tell me when the cambelt needs changing. I know on my C70 it's supposed to be 110,000 is this the same for the S60?

Anyone know of any other bits that need replacing at around this time?

Any info or links would be much appreciated :B_steerin

Wobbly Dave
Friday 15th April 2005, 22:43
If you are at all uncertain as to whether it has been done for a 100k+ car it is always safer and better to have it done.

Saturday 16th April 2005, 08:34
LOL that's true Dave!