View Full Version : Ghost Rider 2: Ghost Rider Vs V70 plod

Sunday 29th October 2006, 19:43
....... and complete owns the plod, the plod loose it right at the end and get tagged by another motor


Sunday 29th October 2006, 19:55
lol.. The Ghost rider lives up by Manchester, off the M62,, a biker mate of mine is very familliar wiv him,,,lol.. The plods aint caught him yet...lol

Sunday 29th October 2006, 20:03
What an absolute idiot!! How many other road users did he put in danger? Not to mention the copper who was just doing his job and very likely ended up in hospital just so this pratt can get his kicks!!


Sunday 29th October 2006, 20:05
lol.. he does it in every country he goes to, Isaw a vid of him pullin wheelies at nearly 200 mph, its on the web somewhere,,, he is a nutter,, suprised he is still alive..

Sunday 29th October 2006, 20:06
I personally dont see whats funny about it?

Sunday 29th October 2006, 20:10
never seen so many volvos and saabs on the road, mind you i've never been to sweden. :)

Sunday 29th October 2006, 20:12
should have got a few units in front of him and chucked spike strips out all over the road,i aint got time or patience for idiots like that

Sunday 29th October 2006, 20:25
Anyone see that going round the the paris circular? Doing the same sort of stuff but in rush hour!!! Now residing six feet under!!

Sunday 29th October 2006, 20:35
<clensed by author>

Sunday 29th October 2006, 20:36
Anyone see that going round the the paris circular? Doing the same sort of stuff but in rush hour!!! Now residing six feet under!!
Yeah, i saw it at a bike shop once, he'd ride through 4ft wide gaps at nearly 100mph, it dangerous enough doing it at 10mph, i know, i do it every (dry) day on my comute to work. He definately had it coming.

Sunday 29th October 2006, 20:38
That said I'm a great believer of not throwing stones when surrounded by glass houses. I'd bet money that everyone here speeds

Sunday 29th October 2006, 20:43
I believe ghost rider is now dead as well which doesnt come as a huge surprise really although that has to be one of the sowest police chases ever.

Sunday 29th October 2006, 20:56
i've seen quite a few of ghost riders videos. there's one where he rides a turbo'd up suzuki hayabusa and initiates wheelies at over 160mph!!!!
very surprised to hear that he's still alive though.

Sunday 29th October 2006, 21:51
Anyone see that going round the the paris circular? Doing the same sort of stuff but in rush hour!!! Now residing six feet under!!

Yeah that was the La Prince Noir ( The black Prince) or something along the lines, tried to do a 2nd tape and beat his best time but ended up getting T-Boned by a car at about 180mph

Sunday 29th October 2006, 21:52
I believe ghost rider is now dead as well which doesnt come as a huge surprise really although that has to be one of the sowest police chases ever.

The GR in the vid is alive, dont now how but he is....

Sunday 29th October 2006, 22:07
That said I'm a great believer of not throwing stones when surrounded by glass houses ...... Perhaps we need to look at ourselves before we judge others ?

True, but I'm fairly sure none of us would try our hardest to get away from the police, purposely taunt them, cause them to crash and then drive off.

Sunday 29th October 2006, 22:09
<clensed by author>

Sunday 29th October 2006, 22:22
I too am a biker, and cannot condone those antics at those speeds,
Today coming back from Coventry going through a sleepy village called Chartridge 30 limit this tosser on a Suzuki GSXR doing at least 80,

Rant over,

PS Too all the 2nd lane hoggers i hate you with a vengence....

Monday 30th October 2006, 08:36
The original ghost rider was german, he died at a very high speed in a crash under a bridge with an HGV.

His brother then began riding as the ghost rider and it became an underground biking cult.

Since then, anyone who rides a black bike with no decals, black leathers and a black helmet calls themself the ghost rider.

So the ambiguity about whether he is dead or not is pointless as there are now loads of them.


The Flying Banana
Monday 30th October 2006, 08:54

I agree it is foolish, and Andrew hit it right on the head about glass houses but weall watch it so it must provide some sort of entertainment value..i know i watch it and gasp and dare i say it admire his skill but doesnt mean i would go out and do it ....

Monday 30th October 2006, 12:06
Aye, riding like that belongs on a race track and only on a race track... Still loose count trying to spot how many ovlov's are in that vid tho.....

Monday 30th October 2006, 21:10
If he's not a organ doner yet he soon will be, yeah we all put our foot down from time to time but we don't bait and then run from the police causing them to crash, even if you don't have much time for the police what if it's your family in the car they crash into ? It is what it is another vid off the internet, wastes another 5 mins and gives us something to write a post about.

Monday 30th October 2006, 22:00
I admire the skills of the rider, but hate his lunacy!

Its not hard to beat a 2.5 XC70 on any powerful bike so why even try???..... possibly to make money - which I would suggest he does well by making the videos.

You don't have to read this topic or even watch the video so why is it a pointless thread? Its not.... Each to their own!

Friday 3rd November 2006, 11:52
According to http://www.ghostridermovie.net, he's still alive and there are several ghost riders on the site that go to make up Team GR.

Friday 3rd November 2006, 19:33
I have heard about him raqcing up and down the M62 a lot, but was never caught,,,, I saw a bike on the M1 earlier this year wedged under the fron of a car,, rider wedged under his bike, but still alive and an articulated truck like i drive, sat 3 feet into the bonnet of the car,,, the bike rider was being sensible, but a foriegn truck driver caused the accident but cutting the car up, car hits bike,, bike stops, car stops truck stops afterr mounting rear of car,, foriegn truck driver drives off and pulls over 100 yards up the road,,, they are the biggest danger on our roads the foriegn ones,, and thats coming from a truck driver too,,, bit of advice for all drivers no matter how good you are,,, this is especially for Niles too,lol, being in dover,, but if your ever on a roundabout with a foriegn truckkk and you dont know where he is going to go or if he will cut you up,,, DONT look at the truck, LOOK AT HIS FRONT WHEEL ON THE CAB,, as the wheel turns in the direction to travel before you will notice th movement of the truck,,, watch the front steering wheel on the road and you will never go wrong,, if the wheel turns,, you know he is leaving the roundabout and if your next to him, you can safely stay in lane and exit the roundabout next to him,,, If the wheel dont turn,,, go round the round about again as odds on, he will carry on round the roundabout and if you try and leave the roundabout, you will have a truck planted firmly in your side door,,,, Watch thewheel and stay safe.....:cop: :cop: :cop: :cop:I have seen this happen so many times,, most of all in Dover when they just get of the Ferrys....

Friday 3rd November 2006, 19:48
That vid is testiment to the class 1 training that the boys in blue get. With him "playing" with the traffic car in that manner it would be very easy for the driver to get red mist and just aim at the bike. Maybe thats what this guy needs. Im sure a swift fishtail at 150 would teach him a thing or two (or shoot him in the back)
On the subject of the left hend drive heavys, when driving down a motorway do not sit in the lane to their right whilst level or just in front of the cab. These guys can do fishtails that the U.S highway patrol can only dream of doing as they cannot see the lane next to them due to the angle of sight out the right side of the cab. There were six LHD truck V's car RTC's between clackets and Jct 14 M25 today and that was just what the early turn dealt with.

Be safe all


Friday 3rd November 2006, 20:51
know what you mean,, when Im in my cab,, we have a blind spot,, we have a downward looking mirror that shows the passenger side driving wheel,, put it a better way,, if your on my passenger side and you can see the hoses between the cab and the trailer and your level with that gap,,, MOVE,, cos that is my blind spot,,,lol.. or stay there and get truck munched...lol

Saturday 4th November 2006, 16:11
Tell me about it, our lass nearly got wiped out by a foreign left hook artic yesterday, he came from a sliproad on our left which was very tight and curved. I had realised he couldn't see us and shouted at our lass to brake as she hadn't realised that he was not going to stop. She had to brake and swerve onto the other side of the road to avoid ending up as part of its load. Luckily there was nothing coming in the opposite direction - and plus the black diamond's did us proud!!

I drive a 32 tonne rigid (Class II eight wheeler) I would agree with Stormhawk that when in the cab you can't see anything that is on either side, just in front of the second axles in my case.

Worst thing is that it was the first time that she has driven the C70 in nearly a year for insurance reasons (new policy started yesterday) and by the end of it she was a nervous wreck!

Tuesday 7th November 2006, 22:44
See this on LHD trucks:


For the most part that vid isn't too difficult on a bike - my biggest issue from his pov is using the hard-shoulder (or whatever that strip is) to go past on the inside - as a biker I'd always opt to slow and go between the traffic or even wait - there's no way the plod can catch him, and he's obviously slowing at other points to allow the cop to catch him, so why use the verge?

* 2Fast - going through traffic at 10 is actually more difficult than at speed. I despatched around London before speed cameras came in and the slow moving indecisive traffic was far more dangerous than those cars on the dual carraigeway on the vid.

All that being said - these stupid stunts can only end one way. If he's really that good on a bike, why not get on the track??