View Full Version : Its Gone Dark!!

Tuesday 12th April 2005, 20:40
when i turn my headlight switch to the on position, nothing happens, the dash doesnt even light up at all, yet when its in the sidelight position everything is fine? Any ideas? i also replaced the bulbs about 2 months ago, and i have checked fuses etc
many thanx, don

Tuesday 12th April 2005, 20:48
Try bringing the key back a few mm, you might got all the lights back on then, happens with mine something to do with the barrel wearing out or something!

andi t5
Tuesday 12th April 2005, 20:53
common problem as you say with barrel wear mine does it somtimes as well

Tuesday 12th April 2005, 23:08
Its not the barrell that is worn out, its the ignition switch on the back of it. Two screws and about ten minutes to change, but it makes a hell of a difference.Mine used to leave the abs and tracs lit up until I turned the key back slightly.