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Monday 9th October 2006, 22:06
I have recently bought an Ipod adaptor for my 54 plate S60R - it connects to the back of the HU, and the Ipod plug is routed to the centre console

Has anyone else fitted one themselves? Is it easy or best left to a dealer?

I think I can manage the electrics, its the trim removal I'm not sure about.

Cheers :wavey:

Monday 9th October 2006, 23:43
Hi, You got it then:)


Do you have RTI?

Do you have a multichanger?

The IPOD lead plugs into the multichanger socket on the HU and I think the RTI plugs into that as well soooo if the RTI is in the boot you might have to plug it in there and daisy chain it!

Anway I wouldn't pay a dealer 100 an hour to fit it NO WAY! Here's some links:

link 1 (http://ipod.volvo.kd85.com/images/manual/tn/usaspec-pa11-vol-1.jpg.html)

link 2 (http://ipod.volvo.kd85.com/)

link 3 (http://forums.swedespeed.com/zerothread?id=40381&page=2)

link 4 (http://forums.swedespeed.com/zerothread?id=40503)

Your car has the one piece HU and climate unit? Don't know how to get that out but it can't be 100 worth of hard!

Move the front seats back, on each side of the centre console is a 'one pence' size plastic screw head- give it a quarter turn and the side of the console slides back towards the rear seats- you can get into the side that way.
On mine the pen holder pulls off to reveal two screws- they come out and the climate module unclips from the HU, two screws hold the HU in. Don't unplug anyything as you might throw a light and need a reset.

Let us know how you get on.


Tuesday 10th October 2006, 12:57
Cheers for the info - very helpful - I'm pretty sure I can do it myself now!!

Mine has RTI but no CD changer - the unit I bought has a little lug in it that you remove if you have RTI, so that should be that really!

My only slight concern now is tapping into the radio live wire, but I'll get a proper splice thingy to make sure its done properly.

Tuesday 10th October 2006, 18:29
One of the links suggested pushing the wire into the back of the multiplug where the big red wire connects. I've done the same and it holds really well- I couldn't pull it out again. That saves hacking into the wiring.

Tuesday 10th October 2006, 22:29
hi this is what i did to get the radio out ov an s80 with hu803 and rti .you have to pull the pen holder out which is one piece goes round gear stick should just pull up just clips back in when thats lifted up theres two torx screws where pen holder would be undo them the the climate should pull out radio and climate do sepperate there held together with spring clips i used a very small screw driver in the joint be carefull though as you can damage the plastic then the rwith the seperated the radio is held in place by two more torx screws undo them there at the bottom ov the radio. the radio should just pull towards you now as for connecting the ipod good luck

Sunday 15th October 2006, 12:40
Just tried to fit it - and there are 2 sockets on the back of the HU850 head unit - one grey lead, one black lead - removed the grey one, most of the speakers cut out - removed the black one, the Sat Nav doesnt work.

Anyhow, the PA11 plug only appears to fit the Sat Nav socket

Have I bought the wrong adaptor? The Ebay advert says it works with Sat Nav units, but I cant see how.............

Or do I have to plug the Ipod adaptor into the Nav Unit in the boot?

Sunday 15th October 2006, 13:51
Or do I have to plug the Ipod adaptor into the Nav Unit in the boot?

That rings a bell.... as I said in my first post. Annoying as you needn't have pulled you headunit!

You could keep the ipod in the boot and use the playlists as disc one to six on the headunit. If you want to have access to the ipod you will have to run the lead to the front seats- could be a bit of a job requiring a longer lead. Someone posted a link on the dark side to a US based online audio store that I seem to remember did a longer lead.

Wednesday 18th October 2006, 22:05
Got one of these :)


Monday 26th January 2009, 22:31
I've got my USA Spec PA11-VOL ipod adapter now. Is that right that you just wedge the yellow +ve wire into the back of the "big red" terminal on the OEM ISO connector ?