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Monday 11th April 2005, 21:26
Hi all the Guru's

My megre question is simple :wiggle: and therefore will hopefully be able to be answered by some of you guy with more upstairs.

I have a 2001 V70 T5 that has only one remote key fob.

I have been given a spare from a similar year V70. :bounce:

Is it possible to have it programmed without the small king's ransom that Volvo Barkingside want for the task. :rant: :rant:


TonyR :wave23d:

Monday 11th April 2005, 21:34
depends mate, could be wrong but if you do the ignition on off 5 X thing and press the button it might work, do a search as there is a lot more detailed info on it..

Wobbly Dave
Monday 11th April 2005, 22:59
There should be a how 2 on this in the knowledge base section.

Tuesday 12th April 2005, 06:32
Thanks folks.....am on the case.