View Full Version : exhaust 'trimming' fumes sucked back???

Monday 11th April 2005, 16:19
:confused: may be a little off topic as i am talking about the 940, but VOC is a little more reserved/traditonal? than u guys... anyway dont know if u have noticed or experienced the 940's exhaust but is exits in a s shape that comes right out from underneath the bumper, i cant affor a new system and therefore wanted to trim the exhast right back to where it first becomes visible past the bumper allowing me to put on a end pipe trim. however ive been told that the double twist is needed to take the gases far enough to one side to avoid them being sucked back into the car.
is this correct???

Monday 11th April 2005, 16:40
Unless you make a habit of driving with your Boot / Tail gate open I dont think it will be a problem.

Wobbly Dave
Monday 11th April 2005, 16:42
Complete rubbish mate.

As a previous 740 owner - I had a s shaped finish on the end. I replaced it with a straight stainless backbox - a garage used a bit of sleaving to adjust the diameter to make it fit. The extra exhaust before the S was shortened to allow for the back box. Bit more of a roar - not bad for a 4 pot. Alas I cannot remember the name. All I do know is that it made absolutely no difference to the performance (0 - 60 in ~ 13 seconds)

Monday 11th April 2005, 16:58
so basically i can go ahead and whip it off with a hacksaw and fit my finisher without dyin of Co2 poisen??? :shockedbi

Wobbly Dave
Monday 11th April 2005, 17:05
Yeah you'll be fine - so long as you don't sit in a closed garage with the engine running??
The rear plastic valance on the 740 was adjusted to allow for the new tip. It still came out the same distance.

I did run home with a new sofa inside - which meant the gate was ajar. Got a bit dizzy by the time I got home.

(its CO by the way - Carbon monoxide - but I am perfectionist and the son of a Chemistry teacher, and easily ignored :wizardtro ).

Monday 11th April 2005, 18:10
And if you have a catalyst then you won't be chucking any out into the atmosphere,So sit in the garage all you like :splat: :tongue:

Wobbly Dave
Tuesday 12th April 2005, 00:39
Personally I think that I would not like to test that theory. CO binds to haemoglobin 20 times more strongly that oxygen, and as such - in place of it. Which is why in severe cases transfusion is the only way out.

Check me and my geeky science! LOL