View Full Version : Access instrument cluster on new-shape V70

Monday 11th April 2005, 16:15
Does anyone know how to access the rear of the dashboard instrument cluster to be able to change a bulb?
It's on a 2001 new-shape V70.
There seems to be a section of the dash above the clocks that could possibly be lifted away to give access. If only I could figure out how to release it. I don't see any screws or clips.

Monday 11th April 2005, 18:14
If its any thing like my 850 its a pain in the rear, i cant say for certain cos ive never worked on a v70, but i had to take the whole of the top of the dash off!!!

I would recommend a manual, especially if you have pass air bags.
If you need an idea of how 2 cos it may be the same just say and ill post up where all the screws i can remember are.

P.S nice to c some one fairly local (down south anyway):)

Tuesday 12th April 2005, 11:18
On the 850 and P1 V70 the fascia is in two sections, upper & lower, and you have to lift the upper section off to access the cluster.
On the P2 V70 the fascia is in one piece. It seems there's some way of accessing the cluster without removing the entire fascia but I don't know how to do it.

Monday 18th April 2005, 10:46
I know you're all waiting with bated breath for the solution to this one.
Here it is (from Vadis - thanks mailee)
1. Remove ignition key and engage steering lock so you can't accidently trigger the airbag.
2. Remove steering column cover by removing the 3 torx screws from under.
3. Pull the bottom of instrument cluster shroud towards you until you can get your fingers behind it between it and the glass of the instruments. Now pull it firmly towards you and it'll release and come away.
4. Four torx screws hold the cluster top cover in place and another four hold the cluster itself in place.
5. Work out whether you need grey, black or blue coded replacement bulbs. Go to Volvo and wait a week while they order them !