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Monday 11th April 2005, 13:54
Coil Upgrade Kit arrived today *pretty* had to pay VAT on the import though grrrr....

as soon as the Magnecor KV85s turn up I'll have it fitted (taking 6-8 weeks as custom made apparently blaaaahhh)


Monday 11th April 2005, 14:11
Looks nice. What made you get one ?

Monday 11th April 2005, 14:27
I don't want to be the bearer of bad news,But a lot of people have had faulty coil packs from that maker,Seems the quality control isn't too hot.

Monday 11th April 2005, 17:55
Bracer: I got it as I've had a few problems with the ignition system - nothing major but as I wanted the magnacor performance leads I thought I'd upgrade this as well. As it happens they've sent me the wrong lead grr.

They are now going to send me a new lead and said I can keep the coil cable they sent me originally which is a magnecor performance coil cable for volvo standard coils. If anyone wants that then it's yours - first offer to DAVE850R given he's helped me out a lot.

SIAM: thanks for the information - given there meant to be a performance part that usually means less stable too I'll keep an eye on it - at the end of the day it's under 12 month warrenty.

Cheers chaps.

Wobbly Dave
Tuesday 12th April 2005, 00:35
It's red - how could I refuse!

Tuesday 12th April 2005, 08:24
Ahhh I'm feeling the Ovlov again :hug:

Friday 22nd April 2005, 16:13
OK the Magnecor leads turned up. Pretty pic attached. Took me about 15 minutes to take the whole lot out and put the new ones in some pics (not very good) at:

the page on my website (http://www.cardwell.co.uk/cars/volvo/myT5-R/recent%20work/ignition-lead-change/)

I've very happy with them...

Wobbly Dave
Friday 22nd April 2005, 16:23

Friday 22nd April 2005, 17:24
Very very nice,Were the old leads on their way out?
Have you fitted the coil yet?

Gary.are they the 8.5mm's.

Friday 22nd April 2005, 17:30
They are 8.5mm competition leads yes. The old leads as near as I could figure it where never changed and given I was having some ignition niggles I thought I'd put the new ones on. I've not fitted the upratted coil yet - they sent the wrong connection cable and I'm waiting for the new one to arrive from Canada.

The one they sent (magnacor lead for standard coil) is going to Dave850R.


Friday 22nd April 2005, 19:01
Looks nice hope it will help with your niggling problems!!!

Friday 22nd April 2005, 19:29
Looks nice hope it will help with your niggling problems!!!

I've already seen an improvement - I'm hopeing the coil upgrade will sort out the rest. The car feels more responsive - sounds better - it could of course all be in my head but it is turning over a lot easier - I'm hopeing the ignition upgrade coil will do the rest.


Pedro Fandango
Friday 22nd April 2005, 21:00
i've heard a fair few good comments about the coil upgrade in the past, let us know of how it goes :wink:

can i ask why you didn't just get a universal high power coil from this country & retro fit it?

Saturday 23rd April 2005, 11:39
Oh the other cable turned up today so I'll be fitting it next week along with the upgraded coil. I bought it from Canada as this one has been specifically designed to work with Magnacor competition leads and given we're about CA$2 to the 1 the rate was quite cheap.

Kind regards,