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Wednesday 6th April 2005, 08:58
This has been extracted from 'Briskoda.net'. I found it a very helpful explanation as to how power is defined really:

BHP = Torque x RPM

Take two cars doing 40mph. If one is producing 200lb/ft at 2000rpm (@40mph) and the other is producing 100lb/ft at 4000rpm (again at 40mph), the effective power transfered to the wheels will be the same. Car 2 is producing half the torque but is revving twice as fast and the gearing required to make it travel at 40mph means that is producing an equivalent amount of torque at the wheels. This is why a Civic type R is so bloody quick despite having very little torque - it takes advantage of it's high engine speeds through gearing.

Torque is what pushes the car along. BHP is a measure of how torque is delivered over the rev range.

Wednesday 6th April 2005, 10:11
You really can't beat bucketfulls of both!

Wobbly Dave
Wednesday 6th April 2005, 10:31
Read this article - it explains all


Horsepower a measure of work done is the product of torque and revs. Torque and revs are far more important.

Wednesday 6th April 2005, 10:38
You really can't beat bucketfulls of both!

Well - personally i think it depends what you want out of a car. My diesel turbo is very good in the real world 90% of the time. It has lots of bottom end which is great for instant reaction, but not so good at accelerating and when rushed the traction light stays on permanently.

So the other side of that is the Type R cars. peaks torque is from 6000 rpm and peak power is around 8000 rpm. This is not so good at nipping around but long acceleration it is good at, aswel as balanced traction levels. So the Civic makes a good race / track car.

A mix of both is a nice balance for all though. Good old T5's :)

Wednesday 6th April 2005, 13:00
My heads hurting, i need a lie down! :eek:

Get in vehicle - turn on ignition - go! :hidesbehi

Wednesday 6th April 2005, 13:25
My heads hurting, i need a lie down! :eek:

Get in vehicle - turn on ignition - go! :hidesbehi


You forgot "remove brain and place in glove box" between turn on ignition, and go :lol:

Thursday 7th April 2005, 21:37
Or you can try my Mondeo 2.0 TD which has nothing till it reaches 2300 then nothing above 3700. Totally gutless bag of sh#te.

God bless the T5 :bricks:

Friday 8th April 2005, 13:48
what sort of torque does a standard T5 put out at the fly?

Wobbly Dave
Friday 8th April 2005, 14:41
To save me the hassle of pulling them all off...

http://www.volvotuninguk.com/Disclaimer_-_This_web_site_is_not_affiliated_with_Volvo_Car_Co rporation/chiptuning.asp

Friday 8th April 2005, 18:12
cheers mate :)

Friday 8th April 2005, 23:46
You think the Mondeo is bad for acceleration, my Mini is a 1 litre, it pulls like a train (post Margret Thatcher era! - i.e. it doesn't) but once it hits 75-80 it'll fly nothing compared to the T5 but by Mini standards it's alright although the handling makes up for it, it the only car i have ever drove that i can actually push it to it absolute limits (full lock going rouund corners in the wet) and it'll still come back for more

Monday 11th April 2005, 10:53
This post is spooky...I was goig to ask this very question as most people quote BHP and some seem more worried about Torque!

Oh this forum is a fountain of Knowledge!