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Tuesday 5th April 2005, 23:17
Seeing as I'm considering upgrading to either a T5R or an 850 R in the near future is there somewhere I can go look for info on them?, I need stuff like what years they where made, colours, specification, etc.

Ideally I want to get an 850 R manuall estate how rare are they and how much can I expect to pay for one.

Any and all help gratefully received.

Wobbly Dave
Wednesday 6th April 2005, 00:08
I would pay between 5 and 6 K for one.

T5-R is 1995 -96, 850R is 1996 -97. The T5 was dropped from the naming convention. Manual 850R have an LSD which has been quoted as being a little weaker than the straight M56 box. How true this is - well I suggest some web-surfing to find out.

850R have 7 spoke 17" Volans. Lowered suspension and electric memory seats both sides. The upholstery is 1/2 Alcantera on the inside and leather on the outside. You should have the R splitter of course. Loads of extra's including sunroof, cruise, ABS with TRACS, 240 BHP as standard, Air con, 6 CD multichanger with the SC-801 system.

Wednesday 6th April 2005, 08:44
I agree with Dave between 5 - 6k for a T5R estate.


Wednesday 6th April 2005, 12:58
Craigy was selling a red manual 850 r on a 97 p with fsh 99000m, for 4250.
Sheffield area, see on other forum.

Wednesday 6th April 2005, 12:59
Its on here too somewhere - not heard from him in a while tho so it may be sold.