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Tuesday 22nd August 2006, 02:11
how easy is it / would it be to hook up some form of auto door locking switch pref to the deadlocks ??

Tuesday 22nd August 2006, 23:03
do you mean like with some after market alarms?

i had a clifford on one of my old cars that was programmable for many different settings. settings included:

auto door lock with engine start
auto door unlock with engine off
auto door lock after 30 seconds of switching off (had to be carefull not to lock keys in car though)

there were more settings you could adjust, but these were the ones i used. the clifford was about £300 all in, and that was thatcham one, and going back about 6 or 7 years, so god knows how much they are these days (a lot cheaper i suppose).

is that the sort of thing you mean? if not, sorry, got the wrong end of the stick then, lol...

if it is what you meant, then its one option for you to consider perhaps?

Wednesday 23rd August 2006, 19:21
nar was on about once you in the car just hit a button job

Tuesday 5th September 2006, 11:34
nar was on about once you in the car just hit a button job

I had a Toad AI606 installed in mine and they asked 'do you want the doors to lock automatically when after you start the car' , so I said yes. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't if I drive away quickly or restart the car without opening the doors. All I normally do in this situation is push the drivers door button down and all doors lock inside (for the missus when out with the kids). To open the door I just half flick the drivers door handle on the inside and this opens the central locking, no need for a switch.......

Tuesday 5th September 2006, 11:47
On my old 850 i instaled a after market ebay special with remote start and anti hi-jack and all sorts of other functions, it used to lock the doors after you pulled away the first time you put your foot on the brake, if you wanted to open the doors you could do so from the inside or push one of the buttons on the remote and when you stopped the engine the doors were unlocked. As i recall the actual wiring to the locking system was not too bad to do on its own but the alarm it self overall was a complete t*at to wire in, so much so that i didn't put it in my new 850.

Tuesday 5th September 2006, 14:19
I too have the Clifford, remote start, antihijack etc. Is good

Tuesday 5th September 2006, 18:17
Hi all,

Sorry to hijack this thread but you guys might be able to help me with a problem I am having with my central locking and alarm.

I have got a 96 854, which unforunately was bashed in the fns door by some t@at in a car park. I was struggling to get a replacement and ended up sticking one on from an S70.

The wiring was a bit different and so I ended up swapping the entire lot over.

Unfortunately everytime I try to lock it from the key fob, the indicators flash as if to recognise the signal, but it takes a further two presses before the central locking activates.

However after about ten minutes the car automatically opens the doors and disarms the alarm, which is not ideal.

The central locking will work when using the key in the door, but will not activate the alarm.

Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

Sunday 10th September 2006, 00:06
t5tart - if you are wiring a switch to it, don't put it on the deadlocks. think about it, if the deadlocks are on if you have a frontal accident and the battery gets smashed, then the doors will be locked solid. If i remember rightly, the doors can't be opened from the inside if the deadlocks are on alas you'd be trapped.

For the wiring of the switch, you'd have to check if the locking actuators work on a negaitve pulse or possitive pulse.

What's wrong with pushing the button down?

Sunday 10th September 2006, 00:10
Pliskin - sounds like the central locking module is faulty. Similar thing happened to me with my old 306 cabriolet. Not the safest of cars in terms of security, one stanley knife to the roof and you're in!

Basically, the central locking module was at fault, the keyfob would lock the car with the deadlocks and alarm it then sometimes unlock the doors but leave the alarm on.

Sunday 10th September 2006, 19:34
Thanks for your replies and please pardon my ignorance, but where is the central locking module and does each door have one, because it has got to be more than coincidence that this problem has only come to light after fitting the S70 door.


Tuesday 12th September 2006, 22:48
could it be connected to the deadlocks rather than just the locking triggers?

just because as long as the relevant contacts are connected (ie the doors and boot etc are shut) the alarm will activate but the deadlocks aren't activated until 30 seconds later on the S70, maybe the 850 is slightly different...?

did you change the locking mechanisms over when you did the iring in your door?

Wednesday 13th September 2006, 20:03
Hi mate,

I had to change everything over except the window glass, which was a bit of a bas~ard, because the staff at Norwest Trading in Wigan, where I bought the door, assured me on two ocassions that the doors for the 850 and S70 were identical except for door trim and handles.

This has unfortunately proved very much not to be the case, so if you are reading this North West Trading, thanks a @#c@ing lot !!!!!!!!

I note your comments re the deadlocking, because on the old door the central locking and indicators activated simultaneously and on the new, the lights flash on the first blip of the fob, but the central locking does'nt activate until the third, only to pop open ten minutes later.