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Tuesday 5th April 2005, 19:10
:funkybana HELLO, Dave can you clear this up for me as this may be causing my over heating probs too THERMOSTAT what temp should it open?in the manual it says 97deg but when you fitted nat's you mentioned an 87deg what should i be putting on the car please THANKS :funkybana :funkybana IT'S WONDERFULLY WOBBLY :wiggle: :wiggle:

Tuesday 5th April 2005, 19:23
As I understand it there are two types of stat. The "performance" one is 87degrees - guess it switches the fan on earlier hence keeping the enginee cooler etc.

andi t5
Tuesday 5th April 2005, 22:56
theres two ratings 87 degrees and 90 degrees its nothing to do with performance or switching the fan on its simply the 90 degree one is specified for cold climates to assist warm up time (by the time the fan cuts in both stats are well and truly open anyway) use the 87 in the uk

Wobbly Dave
Tuesday 5th April 2005, 23:52
What he said :stupid: (sorry but it's the only up arrow smilie we have) LOL!

Tuesday 3rd May 2005, 20:52
cheers guys