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Thursday 17th August 2006, 18:59
Hey Chaps!

I drove an auto T5 for many years and loved it. Unfortunately though, the engine has become tired.

I purchased a new (to me) T5 as a 'donor' to get my original one back on the road, but the new one is so nice I've decided to drive this one instead.

This car needs a new clutch before it's back on the road, but I have a dilemma... I have really bad sciatica (brought on by an old slipped disc injury), which is really aggravated when I drive a manual (by use of the clutch pedal). Sooooo I'm mulling over the possibility of converting the manual to an auto, but I have questions...

Has anyone converted a auto to a manual? If I knew what was removed from that conversion, I may be able to figure out what I'll need.

As well as the obvious (box and linkage), what else has to be changed? Flywheel, driveshafts, a cooler? Will all of the electrical connections be there already? Is this a relatively straight forward project, or should I stick a clutch in, grit my teeth and put up with the leg pain?

Any and all advice greatly appreciated



Thursday 17th August 2006, 19:13
Had to read it twice, usually it's the auto to manual route.

I don't think there will be any issue with fitting the drive plate and torque converter to the other engine. The gear selector and centre console might not give you physical issues, but there's extra wiring needed both inside the cabin and engine compartment...in fact quite a bit.

Pedals need changing over.

The radiator will need to be changed over as it has the ATF cooler built in.

Thinking about it, it's probably easier going auto>manual

Friday 18th August 2006, 14:46
I have fitted a manual engine in a auto car it was fairly easy the flywheels and talk coverter etc fitted easily but you have to remember to change the guide spacer where the front of the gearbox shaft fits as the manual one is bigger than the auto. All my wiring fitted but from manula to auto i take it all the wiring for the gear box would come into play. IMHO it would be much easier to get a non runner (auto) and stick the manual engine in it