View Full Version : Weird vibrating/droning sound - UPDATE!!!

Friday 28th July 2006, 20:01
Well, after first posting this thread up:


I now have an update - My dad took the S40 to the Volvo Garage and they said the weird noise is coming from the wishbone bushes - apparently they're worn down and need replacing.

Volvo have quoted 390 to replace both front wishbones as they say they can't supply the bushes seperately!!!

However, I checked Eurocarparts and found the wishbone bushes for 14 - Including retaining nuts & bolts!!!!

So I'll be fitting the bushes to the S40 for my Dad to try and save him 376... Is there anything I need to know about replacing the wishbone bushes on a S40 1.8i (T reg 1999)?

I'm thinking I'll just jack the car up, remove the wheel and then unbolt the nut that holds the bush in place. Anything I should be looking out for; for example - will the wishbone be forced down to the ground when I remove the nut & bolt, or will I have to support it from underneath?

Saturday 12th August 2006, 19:33
hello mate. I have the same problem on my 850, also the tracking keeps going out so I need to replace the control arms. Just wondering how you got on with that?


Sunday 13th August 2006, 11:42
Hey, Matt

The probs was on my dads S40 - I don't think the suspension set up will be the same for the S70 or 850, but it did cure the probs on my Dads car.