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Wednesday 26th July 2006, 09:15
I know this has been done on an astra, but it's an interesting read.

It might be that he got an F- for his homework. >>>> here (http://www.tomstickland.co.uk/astra/homework/hwork.htm)


Sunday 5th November 2006, 10:10
hi mate just thought id add, as u meantioned power to weight ratio, ive fitted a complete volvo t5 turbo engine/gerbox in to the rear off a old vw beetle meaning if i get 300bhp out of this t5 lump the power to weight ratio is nearly 600bhp ive yet to get there lol since then ,
ive fitted a std quicker spool up turbo
rica 304 ecu
air indution filter
std injectors at mo
removed power steering pump
and aircon pump
it seems to go real well unsure of the out as yet
oh runing std 15psi boost at mo