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Wednesday 30th March 2005, 22:39
help,ive got a 850 t5 p reg estate.
it ticks over high,at about12 to 13,000 rpm,s,and theirs a light come on the dash board,its next to the service light,its the green triangle one!im worried :confused: oh and its crap on petrol (but i can live with that)its just so nice :hail: and it doesnt always get to max temp on the gauge only about a quarter,ive got all these nigly little things wrong with the car and i dont know what to do,will it cost a lot at volvo? or shall i just get a second morgage now! any help would be great thanx paul. :wave23d:

Wednesday 30th March 2005, 23:13
Hi Mate,Fill in your details on the site and we can help you to a good mech in your area,
You needs to get the codes read,Could be something silly like a sensor,Or something major,
You shouldn't really drive the car with that light on.


PS Tickover is about 900 rpm well it is on my S70,

Wednesday 30th March 2005, 23:18
Wow! 12-13000 rpm tickover does seem a little high (think you mean 12-1300), still high. The light you have on is the Lambda light; suggest you get the fault codes read. Temp. gauge; thermostat stuck open; quite common, not a big or expensive job. Petrol; if you're getting 22-25 you're about average.
Cheers, Chris.

Thursday 31st March 2005, 00:07
You have an air leak, 99% the elbow joint or another metered air hose, the fault code that is stored will be 232-long term fuel trim to rich or lean at idle and will give terrible economy.

It is sucking un metered air hence the high tickover, check all the vac hoses, the fault code and light will dissapear once repaired and run for 100 miles or so corrected.


Thursday 31st March 2005, 08:40
It pays to listen to this man!!! :B_thumb: I had a vac hose go on mine and got it all sorted for the cost of 1.80 + VAT because of the advice I got through here. I think there is a section on it in the Knowledge forum here. Quite a fiddly job though, so be prepared to swear a lot if you have hands even slightly bigger than a child...

Thursday 31st March 2005, 18:01
hi thanx for the advice! what are vac hoses?im a bricky and dont have childs hands! so it doesn't sound like im going to enjoy this job,whan i find out what and were these hoses are lol. i live in oldham near manchester and my car has done 145,000 miles p reg 850 t5 estate.
ps it wont blow up will it as i dont have another car.any more help on this would be very much appreciated thanx again paul.

Wobbly Dave
Friday 1st April 2005, 02:06
Panic ye not. BTW my Mum was born in Chadderton.

IF you look in th knowledge base sectiom of this forum all is explained - look hither and see


If y ou are still not sure then come to one of our many meets - I may even do it for you. We surely will point you in the right direction and have your 145K T5 zooming off over the horizon,

Saturday 2nd April 2005, 18:31
hi dave850r ive had a look at the web link,and i aint got a clue! :cry: ive had a look under the bonnet and it really is a maze under there. im going to the meet in warrington on the 1st of may, and id appreciate your help very much!
and im sure id buy you a pint or 2 for your expertise, thanx again paul.
ps will it be alot quicker?and better on petrol, i live about 5 mins from chadderton.

Wobbly Dave
Sunday 3rd April 2005, 00:23
If you buy the elbow and bring it with you - I will have a crack at fitting it.

Sunday 3rd April 2005, 21:03
hi dave850r,that would be great mate!only one problem were do i buy the elbow from and which elbow is it? i know im a bit thick! but i dont know alot about these cars so any help is great.thanx paul.

Sunday 3rd April 2005, 22:47
I think you'll find it is 9155862 if my memory serves and it's at the lh (as you look at it) end of the inlet manifold under the thermostat housing

Wobbly Dave
Monday 4th April 2005, 00:17
Like what Jamie said :stupid: - it is that one. If you are uncertain I will invest the huge 2 quid and go and buy one for you, LOL!

Monday 4th April 2005, 10:18
LMAO @ Dave :B_rotfl:

Wednesday 6th April 2005, 20:09
hi again dave850r if you could get the elbow for me that would be great!and id give you the money no probs, its just if i get the elbow itd be the wrong one!and just one more question iis it about 35ish plus vat to have the service light turned off? thanx again paul. :bricks:

Wednesday 6th April 2005, 21:25
Just as a matter of interest if you were to replace all elbows and associated hoses on a 850/s70 how many would you need to complete the job ? it seems to me that these can cause no end of trouble especially with increased boost ie rica,d cars mine being one of them ! is it normally obvious when they are damaged or do the majority open up on boost , i am having no joy at all locating my leaky hose/elbow And last question for those who have a 310bhp rica,d car i use NGK BKR7EVX plugs and always have , i do drive the car harder now its chipped what is the general feeling regarding plugs should i upgrade if so what to ? :cry:
p.s what the hell does LOL mean its been driving me mad but i was just to embaressed to ask? :uglyhamme

Wednesday 6th April 2005, 22:04
LOL = Laugh out loud :slap:

Wednesday 6th April 2005, 22:40
Laugh out loud ? :confused: what the hell does that mean and while i,m at it why is dave 850R wobbly , i,ve only ever met him once and he looked pretty much stable enough ! :worried:

Wobbly Dave
Thursday 7th April 2005, 00:54
The whole wobbly thing started at VT. Everyone there is called bear.

There is Adam Bear, Hamish Bear, Girly Bear, Little Bear, John Bear - the list goes on.

Adam said I was Wobbly Dave - and like many nicknames it kinda stuck. I think I do occasionally wobbly things - it has nothing (I hope) to do with my physique, although I have a close personal relationship with beer.

Firthman. I will get you your elbow. 35 for the service light is a rip off. Bear with me and I will see what I can do.

Wobbly Dave
Thursday 7th April 2005, 00:56
LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off)
ROFL (Rolling on Floor Laughing)

are all acronyms from chat rooms. Common phrases used to express one's laughter over the internet.

Thursday 7th April 2005, 09:24
...and just one more question iis it about 35ish plus vat to have the service light turned off? thanx again paul. :bricks:

If it's the vac hose that's gone, you won't need to have the light reset. Mine went out on it's own after about 50 miles of normal driving after the new hose went on. Anyway, my local independant was happy with a few beer tokens to reset all my codes, so worth ringing around a few.

Saturday 9th April 2005, 20:54
thanx wobbly dave lol,thats great if you get the elbow for me and ill give you the money no probs!and if you can sort out my service light out for me ill end up owing you a fortune!!! as for turning the service light out,my local volvo dealer charges 70+vat a hour and he said it takes about half an hour so =35+vat!

Saturday 9th April 2005, 20:58
Thats rediculous, ma local Dealer charges 50+VAT per hour and a thought that was out of order, also he talks nonsense, takes about 2 mins to turn the light out

Saturday 9th April 2005, 21:07
thanx wobbly dave lol,thats great if you get the elbow for me and ill give you the money no probs!and if you can sort out my service light out for me ill end up owing you a fortune!!! as for turning the service light out,my local volvo dealer charges 70+vat a hour and he said it takes about half an hour so =35+vat!

If your from Chadderton in Oldham theres a cracking independant Volvo place in Altrincham called 'Independant' and their labour charges are 'real world' compared to the dealers..and to be honest they do a better job!

If your interested in finding out more about them PM me and ill help you out!!!!

btw it takes about 20 secs to turn off the service light (I have the ODB11 tool to do this if yours is a late model!)

Sunday 10th April 2005, 10:27
i thought 70+vat was abit steep, i went to evans halshaw oldham for retainer clips for my dog guard(8.69 each plus the dreaded)=20.42.tried to fit them y,tday and you need to bolts.went back and i had to pay them another 40p each plus you know what!it was then i was asking some rough prices.
ie roof spoiler 300 ish fitted,tow bar around the 280 mark fitted ,you ever get the feeling you wont be going somewere AGAIN!

and whats a pm, i really am thick.

Sunday 10th April 2005, 11:19
Pm is personal or private message between 2 members

Monday 11th April 2005, 17:44
thanx fraz