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andi t5
Tuesday 29th March 2005, 16:27
hi, code reader arrived today, so have have read off fault codes, showing PO108 barometric sensor, have done wiring checks all appear ok so it looks like the sensor is u/s tried andrew page and volvo both want over 100 quid !anyone any knowledge of alternative source for bosch parts ?cheers

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 18:52
Mine went bad last summer. I think a new was about the 100 mark too. I made many searches at on-line breakers to get one but to no avail. Not many people know where the atmospheric pressure sensor is, never mind knowing if they have one to sell. When it fails it sets off all kinds of drivability issues, i.e. limp-home mode and high rev surge upon cold start.

I don't know if you know this already, if you unplug it you will throw a check engine light.
However, most importantly, you will get back full power as the ECU will use a substitute value which corresponds driving at sea level.

You could try to clean the electrical contacts and maybe blow out a bit of crud that could be lodged in the diaphragm.

Give me a shout if you need any more info.

Good luck.

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 19:45
Er could this explain why my car always rev's up to about 2-300 rpm on startup?, doesnt do it as much when its warm. Onther than this it drives ok.

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 20:00
Hi Tomcat,

Unless you have a check engine light on, I doubt it could be the atmospheric pressure sensor.

I've heard high revs (2,000 +) on start up can be a sign of vac hose leak :confused:

Wednesday 30th March 2005, 01:34
Mine went last year too,It is behind the drivers headlight housing out in the open,
Mine was replaced with one from a Astra Diesel,AS they are identical except for the plug on the end,
Got the sensor for nothing and soldered it on :biggrin: