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Tuesday 29th March 2005, 11:28
I took my beloved to DPA for a full service on Good Friday,
Ian gave her a right good going over and replaced the fuel filter among other things after having to grinding the retaining bolts !
My petrol looked like P+ss so it really needed doing!

The result after a good service- better low down power and more responsive!
yeah hey!
I also rang the original volvo service dealer , the lady was very helpfull and friendly they looked after the car from 20,000 miles upto 120k and the clutch had not been replaced as suspected . I told her about my mods as she seemed interested in how reliable my T5 has been. ( original clutch , turbo and holding all its oil between 5k changes)

Next job turbo or clutch, which will need doing first?
Clutch is a little high but still works ok !
Boost seems better than before but I havent checked since service and drilled air box, I suspect still a 1.2 spike and holding 0.95-1 bar, but Im happy even if Murphys Skoda can keep with me to 50 !

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 11:35
the car sounds nice with the airbox lance. But i would like to do some track work against you T5 lot. Wonder how 130 bhp would fair against 200-350 :)

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 12:02
Probably a whole lot better Murphy, you'd be constanly in the power band being able to brake later and accelerate sooner - I think you would be difficult to keep up with :rally_dri


Tuesday 29th March 2005, 12:38
Depends on the track if it had long sweeping bends and lots of straights the t5 would easily win ! but on a tighter rally style stage, or lots of tight bends the Fabia would win !