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Ian C70T5
Tuesday 29th March 2005, 09:25
When putting in reverse it takes a wiggle of the gearstick to make the reverse lights stay on. any ideas? where is the reverse switch?

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 09:49
I have the same problem on my 855 automatic.

Ian C70T5
Tuesday 29th March 2005, 10:29
I have the same problem on my 855 automatic.

Sometimes reversing is like a strobe on the dance floor on off on off on off lol on would be nice

Wednesday 30th March 2005, 18:26
its number 2 in this attached pic... on top of the gearbox :)

part number 9442728, no exact price at the minute though, but they arent that much really.

Saturday 2nd April 2005, 21:12
Apart from the No.2, there's a flat module beneath the lever (at the gearbox) which detects the position of the gear selector. Upon opening it up, there are 3 copper contact held by springs to perform some logics to identify which gear your at. The copper contacts could have been worn off and they're not touching the circuitry inside. Get a machine shop to mill these for you and you'll solve this. I faced this much early and both the reverse lamp weren't functioning. You need an assortment of normal tools for the job and it can be DIY.