View Full Version : HELP ! Something broke . . .

Monday 28th March 2005, 23:53

Driving a little hard this evening, something went pop and the engine management light is flashing - still starts but has no go in it at all (limp home?).

Sounds like it's either backfiring or limiting, I can't tell as I've never heard it before !

I can't see any water/oil/smoke coming out of any crevices/exhaust, so hopefully the ECU has just played it safe ?!!?!

Took tomorrow off work to take it to Volvo, fingers crossed I haven't blown anything


Tuesday 29th March 2005, 01:16
Have a look under the bonnet before you go,Might be a hose blown off or something simple.
When you say pop,As in a noise?or just in general speaking?

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 09:55
Pop as in noise, bit like hitting a bump stop.

Investigation starts now !


Tuesday 29th March 2005, 10:12
I had exactly the same thing - it ended up being a 3 inch split in a weak airhose. Something like that should be fairly easy to find. If it's causing that many problems it's likely to be a bigish hole in one of the bigger air hoses. Should be easy to find and fix.

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 13:41

:shhh: hairline crack on spark plug !

Reported by VADIS as "misfire cylinder 2" - good stuff !

All good now.


Tuesday 29th March 2005, 13:45
Good old Volvo plugs for ya :rolleyes:

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 14:04
I'm taking this as a one off, as the plugs were recently changed, it could just of been a dodgy one ! If more start to go, I'll consider getting boy racer plugs (joke) !

Wobbly Dave
Tuesday 29th March 2005, 14:37
BKR7EVX plugs x 5 :banana:

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 16:31
worth getting the iridium version ?

Wobbly Dave
Tuesday 29th March 2005, 16:52
My last set of EVX's that came out recently looked a bit overheated. Iridium would be worth a try for sure.

I think VT have both types - I think they are about 30 for the set?

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 16:59
10 each from Spark-plugs.co.uk.

I'll find out what plugs my mate at work runs in his Cosworth Caterham.

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 17:41
Won't the Caterham place completely different demands on plugs compared to our Volvos?


Tuesday 29th March 2005, 17:52
Not sure tbh, but it runs a massive turbo producing 600bhp last time I asked !

Don from Kalmer Union has recommended Bosch Silver plugs . . . where on earth I can find them, still searching! Hoping Camberley Autofactors can get them in !

Wobbly Dave
Wednesday 30th March 2005, 01:01
Personally - I think you are better off without Don Norchi's advice.

NGK are just fine.