View Full Version : that leak again!??

Sunday 27th March 2005, 23:50
After sealing up the hole in my sump and thinking I had cured the leak it is back again. Not that one but maybe the turbo return pipe seal? After a run to Heathrow at the weekend the bottom of the car is covered in oil again and blowing up onto the rear screen! The oil seems to be around the rear of the sump and dripping off the sump plug, and the two lines from the power steering. It is a right mess and I am hoping it is the turbo line seal. If not maybe it is the dreaded rear main seal! Do any of you guys know where I could get the rear main seal replaced if I need it. I am reluctant to go to the dealer as it will cost an arm and a leg for sure. Anyone in the Humberside area who can do this job? I am praying now. :cry: