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Saturday 26th March 2005, 19:10
TSW have just recently released a set of wheels that are similar to the Seat Leon Cupra ones. I was looking at them in 18" for a limited special of 699 with my credit card in hand but had to pull myself away from them. I started to wonder what they would look like on my car so i photoshopped these wheels.....


Onto this car...

and ended up with this....


a bit of a rushed job, if i can find any better pics of the wheels from different angles then i'll do it again but for now, i know trhat if i don't bother getting the standard T5 ones re-furbed then i'll go for a set of these.

Pedro Fandango
Saturday 26th March 2005, 21:01
don't look bad, although i think they'll be slightly bigger than you've done them in your photoshopped pic

Saturday 26th March 2005, 21:15
They'll be a lot bigger as Pedro said,Don't forget you have 16s on there now and 18s wil def fill the arches as yours is lowered by the look of things too.

Sunday 27th March 2005, 04:11
Looks great actually ...... 18" huh ? The spokes might end up longer then, and nicer.

Sunday 27th March 2005, 23:32
i was mighty tempted by them!

as i said though, rushed photoshop, plus with them being new wheels, there's a distinct lack of pics of them, all of them are from the same angle

Monday 28th March 2005, 13:40
Try this link Mark, it might give you some ideas from the full Volvo Range , i cant decide on the TSW's from just looking at them. :eclipsee_


Monday 28th March 2005, 15:14
Those in 18s with 35 profile tyres will look so good.