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Monday 12th June 2006, 20:59
Anyone know if you can adapt the sat/nav DVD rom drive to play normal dvds,or can you install an external dvd drive in the boot alongside the satnav.that will play on the pop up screen in the dash(S60R 2004)

Wednesday 14th June 2006, 17:38
Nobody ?

Wednesday 14th June 2006, 18:43
there must be a way it may be a matter of looking at the leads and any inputs the screen has and matching them up to a dvd player you can get many diffrent types of leads check all inputs and leads that go to the screen
and the ones to the sat nav

Wednesday 14th June 2006, 19:20
I would say not. I dont have a Volvo one but I have a Pioneer Satnav and that wont read normal DVDs. I suspect it is a software thing. The laser is probably more than capable.