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Kent Canary
Wednesday 13th October 2004, 21:46
Still having issues getting on the VT5 site :( but anyway, I had the engine light come up for the sceond time in as many months today, and its the same code again for the EFI o2 sensor. Im not worried about it really, got the codes reset by volvo so at least its gone.

Volvo quoted over a hundred for a new sensor.

The question is, is it likely to be just the sensor and if I got one from anouther source (scrappy / aftermarket) is it worth and and are they easy to fit? Car still runs fine.

Also they quoted me about 138 for a new key fob (the same one, I was hoping for one of the later designs!) including programming, saying you cant do they key turn 5 times thingy in the S70.. apparentyl.. but it can be done from the OBD II hand held terminal. Another dealer quoted me 40 for the fob on its own..

Wobbly Dave
Thursday 14th October 2004, 10:13
Go see Matt (Bobcat) in Cantebury - the lad is keen enough (and he has axle stands and a paunchant for getting underneath T5's). I am sure he will happily guide you and he is only a few miles away :wink:

Just an idea - I am certain he will help you find the bosch replacement.

Don't attempt this unless you can get good access and you have the right tools (and the time to do it)

Kent Canary
Thursday 14th October 2004, 16:07
Thanks, I may well do that. AS you can see Ive posted this on the other site too.

Thursday 14th October 2004, 19:27
I have to say that Matt (Bobcat) is the man for the job.

It pains me, but he is :)

Kent Canary
Thursday 14th October 2004, 19:53
Sounds good! If not Ive got a mate whos got some axle stands too. Just got to source a Bosch sensor and things should be fine. It makes sense to change the sensor given Ive just gone over 100k and the sensor has come up with the 02 codes twice! Im assuming the 02 sensor is the Lambda sensor.. and theres me used to work in the car industry..

Pedro Fandango
Thursday 14th October 2004, 20:46
I have to say that Matt (Bobcat) is the man for the job.

It pains me, but he is :)
lol, lamba sensors & waste gate adjustments you mean

Thursday 14th October 2004, 21:04
Yeh something like that, he does know his stuff tho.

You can pay me later Matt lol