View Full Version : Cars fixed but i wanna slash up!

Tuesday 12th October 2004, 09:54
As some of you know my car has been running poor for the last couple of weeks, i did the usual fault finding and got nothing, changed the plugs and then the leads (OUCH ) still to no avail.

She would just not produce boost and sustain it and felt like i had a dodgy plug.

Disheartened i made an appointment with volvotuning for yesterday to let the masters have a poke about, Adam drove her and said maybe actuator is failing, as i had said i'd checked all the hoses for leaks.

Off he went to get the test rig and i started poking about, then in clear daylight, there was the problem, right under my nose.

Bloody elbow joint rubber hose on the left of the manifold, the one that i do for other people and spot instantly had a inch split in it.

It actually looked like it was a join in the rubber, until the short one stuck a screwdriver in it and the car gasped.

I relieved Hamish of some vac hose and made tracks for home tools at the ready. 25 mins later it was done and i reset the ecu till after dinner for road test.

She is back to being her former glory but i am soooooo gutted i didnt see it in the first place, too good for my own car it seems.

So if your car is not its normal self, check that dam hose.

Wobbly Dave
Tuesday 12th October 2004, 10:50
:thewave: Yaay! Woohoo! and a large dollop of Hoorah!

Tuesday 12th October 2004, 11:02
My sentiments exactly mate.

Ive been out for a blast this morning too, she is getting stronger by the mile as the ecu is learning the new parameters