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Monday 21st March 2005, 12:54
Hi Guys! Just have a question bout me chuffer pipe ! ow meny boxes shud a hav on mee 2.5 20v glt . Lookin at sum guides it luks like av got a T5 pipe on . As it only has a git wasss box in the middle of the motor an nothin at the bak !! No bakbox just a shiney tail pipe !!

Wot shud a hav ?

Cud it nak up me performance and economy an stuff?


Wobbly Dave
Monday 21st March 2005, 14:15
Again in English :insane:

Just Kiddin. The 850 cat back system has but one huge box in the middle and a tip about a foot long usually with a chromy bit on the end. Some are square and some oval. The system is 2.5" in diameter. Unless you plan to increase the flow rate by adding a bigger turbo then the stock system does not present a restriction in power, as far as I know. My TME cat back is the same diameter but has a smaller cylindrical silencer further back. I added it to beef up the exhaust tone. You can have 3" systems made up but I have heard that there are problems with it rattling against stuff when the warm up - because of the restrictions in space. I did the change for two reasons
Aethestics (noise and tip is a bit beefier) and it was 2nd hand and going cheap. The stock system never rusts, apart from the rear most hangers.