The Volvo Performance Club UK (VPCUK) Rules and Guidelines:

Welcome to The Volvo Performance Club UK! We want to make your time here as enjoyable as possible, as such we have a basic set of guidelines which we request all members follow.

Above all however our number one Rule is to be Polite and Respectful to all members.

Terms of this site

By posting on this forum you are bound by our Terms & Conditions and are expected to follow our Rules. Please take the time to read them properly, failure to comply with the rules and guidelines on this forum may result in your topics/posts being deleted and your membership to this website revoked.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy outlines the information we collect about our members, how we use that information and how that information is stored. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or the information we have about you then please Contact Us

Rule Guidelines

All members are expected to adhere to the following forum rules at all times whilst using VPCUK as well as any section specific rules which will appear as ‘sticky’ threads applying to that section. These rules apply to both the open forum and private messaging system (PM).

Site management may make changes to these rules at any time, so it is advised that members stay up to date with our rules (changes will be publicised)..

Site Moderation

The site is monitored by Moderators who do so voluntarily and under the direction of the site management, please be respectful and courteous to Moderators at all times, they are here for you.

The Site Management and Moderators have the final say in all matters, and their actions in enforcing site rules are not to be discussed or challenged in open forum.

If a post has been edited or removed, then it has been for good reason. Please do not question their decisions.

Warnings, Suspensions and permanent exclusions are a last resort, brought upon by your own actions. So we respectfully ask you to consider your post before clicking.

You are welcome to raise any issues privately, including the conduct of moderator in enforcing these rules by contacting Site management

The Rules

1. Do not flame or personally insult another user. Please do not use VPCUK discussion forums or chat rooms to harass, threaten or attack anyone, or behave in any way that would cause annoyance or distress to other users. We encourage a healthy exchange of opinions and disagreements are allowed! By all means challenge an opinion - but please do it respectfully. Name calling, insults, racism, foul and abusive language will not be tolerated. This includes the use of offensive avatars and usernames.

2. You may not insult or defame VPCUK, including any of its management, moderators or freelancers. You may not post, on VPCUK or any other website, the contents (in part or whole) of any email/PM that you may receive from any VPCUK management or moderators without our prior permission.

3. Do not labour a point after a thread concerning the same point has been removed or has run its course.

4. Do not post messages more than once. This is also known as 'flooding'. Duplicate messages are very frustrating and all messages of this nature will be deleted.

5. Do not behave in any way that disrupts the flow of an ongoing discussion or that spoils the atmosphere within the forum or chat room. Please keep personal disputes between members away from VPCUK.

6. Do not impersonate another person or use another persons member account.

7. Do not post chain letters, promote pyramid schemes or recruit members for any 'network marketing' businesses.

8. Do not collect or distribute personal data concerning other VPCUK members without first obtaining the consent of VPCUK and the member (s) concerned.

9. Do not use any elements of VPCUK including the forums or chat rooms to make complaints about VPCUK. If you are unsatisfied about something, please consider other forum/chat users, and email us directly.

10. Images. Do not upload images to VPCUK that you do not have the rights to. (You will be asked for evidence of permission or we will contact the owner direct).

11. Personal information eg full names, addresses, telephone numbers, places of work, whether yours or someone else's, should not be posted on VPCUK including forums or chat rooms. Postings of this nature will be automatically deleted.

We remind you that VPCUK is viewable by everyone, so please consider whether you want to put information about your personal circumstances online.

12. Libel, aspersion and defamation. We need to remind members not to defame or cast aspersions on the characters of each other, VPCUK management/moderators or anyone else including famous authors, stars, race drivers etc. A false accusation of an offence or a malicious misrepresentation of someone's words or actions could lead to you being sued for libel.

The definition of aspersion is: An abusive attack on a person's character or good name.
The definition of defamation is: That which tends to injure a person’s reputation.
Libel is published defamation, whereas slander is spoken. Any communication that holds a person up to contempt, hatred, ridicule or scorn and lowers the reputation of the individual defamed.

So, as an example you cannot say: "Rich talks a load of rubbish" OR "In my opinion Rich talks a load of rubbish." You can say: "I have tried the modifications that Rich suggests and they do not work for me."

It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that their posts are non-libellous.

13. Self advertising and promotion on VPCUK is not allowed for users other than those with Traders status.

14. Posting of any illegal activities, including but not limited to speeding, piracy or fraud will not be tolerated and will most likely result in the Thread or Post being deleted and the user banned.

15. Traders who post on this forum and where their business is 'Wholly or Partly' in breaking vehicles must ensure they do so within the 'Vehicles Crime Act 2001'. ( This including registering with your Local Authority.

Please ensure that all contact details are current.

Best Wishes
The VPCUK Team!