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My Volvos

An assortment of my chariots over the years :-)
  1. 1993 Volvo 940 2.3 GLE - a workhorse, sold on at 190k for a T5 :-)
  2. Get back in your seat! (8-0
  3. 2001 P2 V70 T5 - current steed - deceptively quick now with a re-map but took some getting there with a number of annoying problems traced to various...
  4. 1997 P1 V70 T5: Sold on at 180k - I absolutely loved this car but people seemed to want to hurt it, it was keyed, egged and subject to a hit n run,...
  5. Arse - no spoiler here.
  6. 1994 Suzuki RF600R + numpty: sounded lovely with the after-market exhaust and was a rev happy tool. Eventually traded for a VTR :-) but the RF...
  7. 1986 Volvo 740 2.3 GLE: a wheel spinning RWD torque monster capable of shaming others at the lights, gave up the ghost at 200k with carb/choke...
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