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my new v40 115bhp tdi april 2014

payed 560 for my new Volvo v40 in april an was bog standered an every one was like why another Volvo an didn't like the look of it well within a 2months it looked like it did with the black alloys every one changed there opion lol
an now has the 18inch gold deep dish 8 an 9j alloys
Ivehad people add me on facebook just to say they love it or to ask to buy it lol an gets looks everywhere now an it now stands me at 1100 including the car an everything ive done to it since purchasing it
  1. really need my bumpers painted
  2. dirty diesel in my headlights
  3. black backed headlights led side lights an dirty inside one light an diesel inside the other
  4. just after fitted the 18s
  5. Caption
  6. Plymouth car cruise November 2014
  7. first week on new 18s
  8. 1 week after owning it
  9. after2 months
  10. after 2 months of owning it lol
  11. the day I bought it
  12. the day I bought it
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ipv6 ready